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Trinity Academy

Trinity Academy

Careers education

Along with our knowledge-rich curriculum, Careers in Education is one of the key pillars of Future Academies. We believe that a strong Careers programme is an essential part of raising the aspirations of our pupils and giving them both the knowledge and the skills to achieve excellence, regardless of their background or individual circumstances.

Our Enrichment scheme encompasses the following four areas:

  • Connect pupils to the world of work, future education, training and employment
  • Enrich the curriculum
  • Provide exposure to culture, the arts and sport
  • Build character, integrity, resilience and judgement

Part of the scheme is covered by the PSHE programme and part is covered by the Careers Education Information and Guidance programme.

The Senior Leadership Team member responsible for Careers and Enrichment at Trinity Academy is Zulekha Chachia.

Careers Education Information and Guidance Programme 

Careers Education Information and Guidance is an important part of preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. A planned programme of activities supports the students in choosing pathways at key transition points that suit their interests and abilities and helps them to work towards a career path and sustainable employment.

Our programme empowers young people to plan and manage their own futures. We acknowledge that availability of information is a key factor in career choice and pathway decisions. It raises aspirations, promotes equality, diversity, social mobility, challenges stereotypes and supports young people to achieve personal and economic well-being throughout their lives.