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Trinity Academy

Trinity Academy


Safeguarding at Trinity Academy is everyone's responsibility. If you have a safeguarding concern about a student, please speak to Ms Briggs, Ms Enegul, Ms Stephen or any other member of staff.

2023-24 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

The Safeguarding Team:

Ms Briggs - Senior Vice Principal - DSL:

Ms Enegul - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Ms Stephen - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Mr Grabowski - Vice Principal Operations:

Mr Chambers - Head of Year 11:

Ms Blair - Head of Year 10:

Mr Ekhator - Head of Year 9:

Mr Hutt - Head of Year 8:

Mr Larbie - Head of Year 7:

Ms Lawlor - Head of Sixth Form:

Phone Numbers & Websites:

Childline: 0800 11 11

CEOP (to report online abuse):


If you would like to make a disclosure, please use the following form to raise your concern. Please provide as much detail as possible in order for your concern to be investigated: